About Zhomer:
Zhomer is mainly active within communities defined by a common professional lingo and their need for specific information, knowledge and inspiration. The more homogeneous these communities, the better: whether it concerns passionate electronics engineers, fine arts enthousiasts, makers or top-management in the world of philanthropy.

Zhomer believes in the strength of quality content and a multimedia strategy in which e-commerce plays a dominant role. Leading in this is Zhomer’s ‘3C Formula’: the smart interaction between Content, Community & Conversion.

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A word from our director/owner:
I’d like to demonstrate how we use our media to push the boundaries of our entrepreneurial endeavors and explain how Zhomer’s networks and companies can help you, as an investor or entrepreneur, with your own business activities.

We don’t implement old-school publishing tricks that were developed before the online revolution. We have a fresh, surprising approach to doing business in this digital era. How do we achieve that? That’s an outstanding question that we can discuss during our first meeting.

Don Akkermans
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